Posturing For Success

Posturing for Success aims to improve your well-being by understanding your body through proper posture.

Doreen offers both private and group workshops. Available to people of all ages!

IMG_2907Youth – Posture is often a reflection of a child’s inner emotional life.

Children’s bodies change quickly and it can be difficult adapting to all those changes. Posturing for Success helps give youth the confidence and support they need to navigate through physical, mental and emotional changes. When children feel more comfortable with their changing bodies it reflects in their school work, self-esteem and interactions with their peers.

Adults –  Posture is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

As adults, we have had numerous experiences that impact how we move, interact with others, and feel about ourselves. Posturing for Success can help with motivation, self-confidence, ease of movement and increased vitality. Feeling good starts from within and Doreen can hand you the tools to help fulfill your goals!

Seniors –   Maintaining mobility and feeling empowered in daily life activities becomes increasinglyIMG_3298 important as we grow older. Whether sitting, standing or moving, actions that are done with awareness help bring relief, strength, flexibility and increased vitality into your life. The benefits of good posture are endless!