What is Somatic Movement Education?

“This transformational learning process can include sound, breath, and imagery in addition to movement.” – The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association. 

Somatic Movement Education is the process of awakening self-awareness of the human body through body/mind integration. Its origin comes from The Greek word “Soma,” meaning “the living body.”

What is Ideokinesis?

Ideokinesis is a method that uses dynamic imagery to improve muscle patterns, posture, and movement.

Where does Doreen teach?

Doreen has access to several studios throughout the Jersey Shore area. She is available to come to your home, place of work or another facility that you’re comfortable in.

How do I register for a class or private session with Doreen?

Go to the contact page on this website and fill out the form. Include the name of the class you are interested in taking, or if you want to schedule a private session. Doreen will get back to you to confirm registration. You may also contact Doreen through email: betterhealththroughmovement@gmail.com or by phone: (908) 309-3987.

How do I pay for classes?

Cash and checks are always accepted. You can pay at the time of registration or on the first day of class. In some locations, you can pay online with a credit card.

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that makes you feel like moving. Footwear depends on what class you are taking.  You can also come to class in socks or bare feet if that is your preference. For ballroom classes students usually wear shoes. Flats or heels for women, casual or dress shoes for men. Sneakers or shoes with rubber soles are hard to dance in and are not recommended.

If you are not sure what to wear or where to purchase shoes ask Doreen.

What makes Better Health Through Movement classes different from other dance and somatic movement education classes?

Each teacher has their own style of teaching and experience. Doreen is patient, kind and enjoys helping others discover their own movement potential. She provides a safe environment for you to learn and move in. Doreen has over 30 years of dance and somatic movement education training. She will discuss any concerns you may have and help you to define and achieve your goals. Whatever class you take, private or group, Doreen will work with you so that you feel, look and move your best with clarity and self-expression.