MindBody Energetics

               fitness, sport, training and lifestyle concept - smiling woman dMindBody Energetics  integrates mobility with self-expression. It is designed to engage your mind and body while experiencing the freedom to explore your movement potential. Based on the work of Rudolf Laban, dancer, choreographer, and movement theoretician, and Irma Barteneiff, originator of Barteneiff Fundamentals, MindBodyEnergetics is a unique approach to body re-education and fitness that goes beyond traditional movement and dance classes.

MindBody Energetics is beneficial for people in the health care field, dancers, sports, yoga and martial arts enthusiasts. Really anyone and everyone interested in increasing their movement potential and self expression who want to  release stress and feel more energized.

MindBody Energetics was created by Margaret Holanov LCSW, LCADC, MPS, CMA and Doreen Laperdon-Addison MA, RSME, CMA.